Bad piggies and zombies unblocked

Play free and online the Bad piggies unblocked game. No one knows exactly what these bad pigs have done. You can only roughly assume that they are prohibitively bad, and deserve strict punishment. And so it is necessary to spend time – inventing new and new devices for catching and destroying these parasites. And the traps will need to be prepared carefully, because the bad pigs are not so stupid. They will be happy to go to something pleasant and tempting, but they are definitely not going to fall into traps and snares. Therefore, you will be engaged in building miniature wooden cars. That’s where the bad pigs will sit there themselves, without a special invitation. And then you just need to push this machine off a cliff. Next thing will be for small, as an improvised vehicle, most often, by itself gets into an accident, falling apart. Bad pigs rarely survive in these circumstances, which means that you do your job, whatever it is. Only now the tasks are becoming more and more difficult and more obstacles on the way. Yes, and the road itself is gaining turns, pits, slides. But the more you have to work, the more pleasant then to win, and the more colorful the final result can be.

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