Battle gear 2 unblocked

The Battle gear 2 unblocked is a popular game. On the battlefield, met two military groups. The groups are equal in strength, with the same supply of technical capabilities, equivalent economic support. The red side focused on force superiority in battle, and the green men chose rare tactical weapons. A good strategist always chooses tactics, learns to adapt to the situation, uses military cunning, achieves victory by playing on the opposing side. Imagine yourself a general of the army, who cannot be allowed to destroy the headquarters and at the same time it is necessary to achieve the surrender of the adversary. The commander-in-chief has several levers of pressure at his disposal: infantry, artillery, aircraft, staff strengthening due to the completion of the floors, where machine-gun turrets, rocket-bombing attack and special technologies of the future will be located. In a war without looting in any way, so the money that goes to improve the army is squeezed out from the defeated side – training soldiers, improving equipment, sponsoring scientists, developing weapons of mass destruction. Show the talent of the commander-in-chief, destroy the center of resistance and prove to the motherland that you are a worthy citizen, and not a pathetic lame!

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