Bearbarians unblocked

The Bearbarians unblocked is an interesting game. Where even kungfu panda cannot cope, samurai bears take over. Bears are not only skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but are also trained in the possession of various cold and firearms. There are four classes of fighters: a scout, a warrior, a magician and a medic. Bears samurai seek to protect their kingdom from invading panda invaders. Furry marauders can only rob and kill, unlike hardworking bears. Therefore, samurai bears are forced to take up arms in order to defend their freedom and protect their families. For various game achievements, extra money is given. They can be spent in the store for weapons, armor and change the appearance of the bears. The possibility of buying items opens upon reaching the third level. There, in the menu, you can recruit a detachment, rename furry fighters and equip them to your liking. In battle, you can call a partner who will cover your shaggy skin from a knife and a bullet from bloodthirsty pandas. Stop the clan war, let the samurai bears protect their lands and save their children from bandits and marauders. With a knife, magic, or a shotgun, the bears are away from their kingdom and will interfere with the plans of the pandas.

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