Cactus McCoy Friv unblocked

Cactus McCoy Friv unblocked 1 – once to the leader of a gang of gangsters hearings reached that somewhere in dense Mexican deserts there is god a forgotten cave in which force – a prickly green emerald is stored unprecedented earlier. Its force is the magic, capable to enthral the whole world, doing the owner by the real master of the Universe. Only one touch to the person can turn it into a boulder, a cactus, the zombie or in general to scatter in ashes. Clear business that the boss wanted to catch this force in the hands!
For performance of this task the gangster chose brave McCoy, having given it the card and a gold sack in acknowledgement of service. Everything is good, only the cunning boss did not tell to the fellow about the improbable danger which consequences can be irreversible. By no means it is impossible to touch to jewel prickles – they are mortally poisonous!

Cactus McCoy

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