Fireboy and Watergirl Friv unblocked

Fireboy and Watergirl Friv unblocked games – play online. At Iskorka and Droplets, a day does not pass without adventures, and they constantly fall into dangerous stories. For example, in the game Fire and Water 1 – In a forest temple, small representatives of the water and fire elements found themselves in a labyrinthine space with numerous traps. Participants in the game process will need to find a way out as soon as possible and get out of the mysterious place, showing dexterity and other useful qualities. It’s not easy to do this, because each character has its weak points: the girl-water is very afraid of the fire, and the flame-boy can not stand the water. They have to jump over the fire and water pits, respectively, and at the same time to collect the crystals of the right color.

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