Potty racers 4 unblocked

And again it is time for crazy races. Play online Potty racers 4 unblocked game. They will be insane in any of the permissible meanings, since they simultaneously contradict the instinct of self-preservation, and common sense in general. After all, how can you manage to ride a dry closet, while also intending to make a round-the-world trip? Although not everything is as simple as it might seem. It is not the first time that our hero has to perform such unimaginable feats. Dressing racer 4 is a story about the next flight of a brave guy. He is trying to upgrade his toilet with the best and most powerful systems he finds. Wings, wheels, jet engines and extra fuel tanks – all this can be bought in the store, there would be money. And you earn them right along the way. Revenues will very much depend on the amount of distance covered by you, and of all the nice bonuses that you collect along the way. In addition to cash prizes come across cans of fuel. They will help you to extend the flight, and therefore earnings will significantly affect, increasing it even more. The main thing in this adventure is to visit all countries of the world, collecting golden stars wherever your wonderful jet toilet gets.

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