Scary maze game unblocked

You landed in a very scary labyrinth, where all the walls are smeared with potent toxic substance. Play online nice game Scary maze game unblocked. One has only to touch the wall and immediately there is an instant death. You can survive here, if you move along a lighted corridor, cautiously entering turns and foreseeing the consequences of penetrating secret loopholes. Somewhere alongside a man wanders, in whom a terrible, angry, angry demon has moved. Since you do not possess the skills of an exorcist, you need to immediately take away the legs, observing traffic safety with an eye on the sides. You can get out of the trap, maintaining extreme peace, composure and the will to survive. Do not shy around, rush like mad to the exit, break through a narrow passage, where there may be a trap in the face of a demonic creature. Time is not limited to movement, so you can think over each movement in advance, make a slight respite before the final breakthrough, suppress any vibrations or tremors in yourself.

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