Shopping cart hero 3 unblocked

Play online Shopping cart hero 3 unblocked game. If you live far away from the big cities of the region, where people are engaged exclusively in agriculture, any advanced benefits of civilization will be a wonder for you. So even the simplest trolley from the supermarket, in which buyers put their goods, is perceived by the village simplet as an extremely strange, but funny thing. Naturally, without knowing the true purpose, the hero will use it at random. Although it must be admitted that his way of thinking is, if wrong, but very inventive. Everyone would like to ride on such a vehicle from the hill. The hero in the cart does it with complete confidence, as if he is doing the right thing. He is ready to do everything possible to make his improvised car roll it further than usual. For each such trip the guy earns symbolic points, which are saved on his account. And the friend who gave the cart is ready to provide him with improvements for this ridiculous currency. It is ridiculous, but it is interesting to observe how the hero in the cart acquires new high-speed wheels for her, begins to perform air stunts, and even adapts a rocket for acceleration.

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