Stick war 2 unblocked

War is a phenomenon that will live forever. Try the Stick war 2 unblocked game. Each ruler of a state wants to conquer other countries in order to expand its influence, to get at its disposal new territories. The stikmen war tells exactly about such rulers, each of whom only dreams day and night how to grab foreign lands. And as usual, everything turns into a bloody battle. Stickymen war never goes without victims. Here different states and different cultures collide. Some warriors prefer to swing their swords, cutting down the heads of their enemies. Others prefer to use sharp spears in a battle, piercing each oncoming foe. Others keep their distance, pouring rain of arrows at their enemies. You are given the opportunity to complete the game in the role of each individual civilization. They have different weapons, but a similar path of development. First, you need to organize the extraction of money. The mines need manpower, and the more income you get, the more army you can support with these funds. The limit of soldiers reaches twenty people, but the Stickman war usually ends much faster than you collect the entire large detachment in one place. It is enough to spread the statue at the base of the enemies in order to achieve victory.

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