Zombocalypse unblocked

Play Zombocalypse unblocked online. Many of our fantasies about the apocalypse are associated with zombies. These monsters have one big advantage – the number. It is known to all that a person bitten by such a monster does not just die. He himself turns into an equally bloodthirsty creature, that is, he replenishes the ranks of the living dead. That is why zombokalypsis becomes possible. Imagine a whole army of rotting soldiers stretching their sticky cold hands towards you. They are eager to get to the new, still alive victims, and gnaw their hearts out of their chest. If zombocalypse has already begun, it will be extremely difficult to stop it. To do this, you would have to destroy hundreds of monsters, using all available means. In close combat, a sharp machete is perfect for cutting enemies into small pieces. You will have a couple of punches to cut the enemy into pieces. But when they become more, then you have to look for firearms. You can not confine a knife, if you rushing a couple of dozen enemies. Pick up bonuses falling from the sky so that the zombokalypsis does not take you to the grave with you. It would be unbecoming to become the same monster without surviving the bad weather. How many zombies can you kill while you are still alive? The last battle begins.

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